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Maximizing Value For Property Owners

Why HAUS Property Management Services?

HAUS proudly serves residential and commercial property owners throughout Southern California with the best property management services.


In our years of property ownership and management located in Orange, CA, we have been shocked at the low level of service we have seen in the property management industry. Realizing that there is so much room for improvement, we launched HAUS in Orange, CA, to do our part to improve the industry. We work toward the goal by caring about the properties we manage as though they are our own, treating residents like neighbors, and understanding that what we do makes an impact. Why? Because we are passionate about real estate, maximizing value for owners and providing residents with a HAUS to call home.


Property management is a 24/7 commitment. We honor this commitment by actually answering the phone when there is an issue, being proactive with maintenance to keep your property in pristine condition, and making improvements that help you get the most value from your investment. We’re your eyes and ears and the first point of contact for your residents so you can rest easy knowing your property is in good hands with our services.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. If you can find a lower hybrid management fee in Orange, CA, we will match it.

Our Guarantees

Rest easy knowing your investment is protected with our services – If we don’t perform as promised, we pay a real financial price.

Free Rental Analysis

Find out how much rent you can get for your investment and get your free report emailed in minutes!

Overview of Our Services

Quality property management services customized to the needs of the landlord and tenant alike may sound too good to be true, but you will receive nothing short of that at Haus Property Management. After working with us as one of our clients, you will understand what our company is all about. Whether you own a single-family house, townhouse, apartment, commercial building, or land, we handle it all. The extensive list of services we provide to our rental owners and tenants demonstrates why we are the best property management firm for you.

Orange Property Management Services

Rental Price Analysis
It is essential to have the right pricing strategy when renting out real estate. Underpricing a rental home in Orange, CA, even by 5%, can cause a significant loss in rental income over the years. Our management team provides the best analysis services for your rental property to ensure that it is occupied with minimal delays. As the rental property unit owner, we encourage you to contact us. You will receive a comprehensive rental price analysis and reviews created with current market trends and real-time data before and after the lease renewals.
Quality Photo Services of Your Real Estate
There is no better way to present your property than with photos, and we make sure that your rental listing has plenty of them. Images are more important than ever because most potential tenants are drawn to their future rental by its aesthetic appeal. It is how they decide on which property they want to call their home. Photos also help advertise the features of the rental unit without saying a word.
Broad-range Advertising Services of Residential and Commercial
We do our best to advertise your residential or commercial property on many different websites and help get the exposure your home deserves within a short period. We also provide flexible showings so that your potential tenant can stop by your rental unit at a convenient time.
Comprehensive Screening Services of the Tenant
Our comprehensive screening service of potential rentals is what makes our firm one of the best property management providers in the area. We at Haus Management believe that proper screening is vital to successful and long-term tenant placement, which is why we ensure that the tenant is qualified. We use proven strategies to screen their credit, employment history, tenant rental history, criminal background, collections, court orders, tenant eviction history, and judgments.
Lease Signing and Deposit Collection Services
All the paperwork, along with rent and deposit collection, is handled once an applicant is approved. A professionally written rental/lease agreement is then provided to both the owner and tenant. Our rental management staff will make sure to orient the new tenants, answer their questions and provide the service needed to move in. We also perform property inspections and document the rental unit before and after the occupancy.
Quality Maintenance Services
Our property management maintenance division is skilled and trained to perform all maintenance requested by our residents and owners. They will provide quality work along with a fair pricing guarantee. We only use trusted vendors to perform the maintenance task. We are also happy to coordinate repair work with vendors provided by the tenants. So, contact us today. What you will receive are simple, straightforward, and crystal-clear services!

Measuring Success. Delivering Value.

We offer a broad range of residential and commercial property management services throughout Southern California.

We handle every detail of property management so you can take that vacation, focus on your career or simply take more time to do the things you enjoy without missing out on all the benefits of property ownership.

At the core, our company does everything so you don’t have to worry about your property in Orange, CA. Contact us to get started with our property management services.

Top Rated Property Management Company Orange County Haus Property Management

Our Orange County property management includes:


Marketing your property for lease-up


Finding reliable, good quality residents


Managing move-ins and move-outs


Managing day-to-day building maintenance


Managing proactive preventative maintenance to extend building longevity


Coordinating insurance


Collecting rents


Communicating with residents


Managing utilities


Recommending and managing renovations and other improvements


Hiring and managing tradespeople and contractors


Comprehensive bookkeeping and financial reporting

The HAUS Advantage

At HAUS, located in Orange, CA, everything we do is governed by our core values of integrity, professionalism, accountability, and our promise to serve owners and residents as the best managers. It’s our disciplined strategy for creating operational consistency, increasing efficiencies, and achieving performance excellence. We measure our success with specific property management performance metrics that cover accounting, financial management, marketing, legal and regulatory compliance.

Our services and managers are governed by our intimate real estate market knowledge, so you can feel good knowing we’re always up to speed on market dynamics, new regulations, and industry trends. We know how to look for and capitalize on new opportunities for maximizing your property value.

Taking Care of Our Residents

At the core, we do everything so you don’t have to worry about your property with our services.

Best Property Management Company In Orange County Haus Property Management

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Residential And Commercial Property Management Company In Orange California Haus Property Management

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