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About HAUS Property Management

Our Story

HAUS was founded to give residential and commercial property owners in Southern California peace of mind that their investments will continue to deliver value. Our goal is to provide first class customer service, maximize revenue for owners and give residents an excellent and reliable housing solution. The HAUS team comes from a broad range of backgrounds, including law, real estate sales, accounting, contractors and more. This broad experience has armed us with the well-rounded skills and knowledge required to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

With HAUS on your side, you benefit from our experience owning, managing, and maintaining residential and commercial properties.

We’ve seen the best and the worst when it comes to property management and we promise to deliver nothing short of the highest standards in service and integrity to owners, investors and residents. Our network includes a strong roster of trusted contractors and tradespeople who deliver the best service at competitive prices when your property needs maintenance, repair or renovation. Find out how we can maximize the value of your property and keep your residents happy. To book your consultation, contact us today.
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