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At Haus Property Management, we are truly humbled to serve the many homeowners and tenants looking to rent properties in and around Anaheim, CA.

People from every walk of life and every corner of the world want to live in this beautiful city in Orange County, home to Disneyland, museums, and other entertainment venues. They share their requirements, challenges in finding the right house, and questions with us. And we have known the vast market has become complex enough to require proper guidance. Although a property management company’s principles haven’t changed, new tools, platforms, and techniques available with our firm have made connecting a property with the appropriate parties more efficient and easier than ever.

Let’s turn your Haus into a home!

Why Choose Haus Property Management

Property Management Services For Leasing In Orange County Haus Property Management

We are the proud providers of management services for residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California.

We have seen the shocking level of poor service offered in the rental property management industry. It’s a combination of low-quality provisions thrown in and made complex for owners and renters alike. It motivated us to think differently about how property management should look in a busy place like Anaheim.
24 7 Property Rental Service In Orange County Haus Property Management

Our goal is simple: to satisfy our customers with the vast array of services designed for rental properties, both residential and commercial.

We have tools that let us match their preferences precisely. And you, too, can harness them for your requirements and seek out a place that makes sense for you. Whether you are an investor/homeowner planning to rent out your house or a tenant looking to move into this vibrant city, we have your needs taken care of quickly and without hassles.

Let’s turn your Haus into a home!

Our Commitment And Approach

At Haus Property Management in Anaheim, we are passionate about real estate and committed to our clients. We always wanted something we could do to help our clients make the most of their time in Anaheim.

We wanted to offer valuable resources and make their investment worthwhile practically and efficiently. It is why we manage their properties as our own, treat neighbors with respect and complete the task of renting effortlessly. Spending hours and days handling real estate on your own only to be disappointed by a negative return on your investment doesn’t place you in the best spot financially. And that happens when you have chosen the wrong property management companies for rentals as well. If you go with a reliable company like ours, you can reap the profits and have peace of mind at the same time. Imagine that!

Our real estate management firm is committed to managing your property around the clock. Our customer support is available to answer your calls and respond to your issue, be it concerning maintenance or rent collection. We take the stress out, so you can rest easy.

Let’s turn your Let’s Haus into a home!

Transparency, Warranty, And More

We offer straightforward pricing information with management fees, terms, and conditions laid out on the contract clearly and accurately. Our residential and commercial property management will match prices from other property management companies as well. Our comprehensive rental analysis includes cash flow, comps, future rental prospects, and additional helpful information.

We offer service for various properties, such as condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes, multi-family homes, retail centers, and industrial warehouses. In summary, our rental services include, but not limited to:
  • Marketing your property
  • Screening tenants
  • Move-out and move-in cleanup and repair
  • Daily property maintenance
  • Collecting rents within a given time-frame
  • Coordinating with utility companies and paying bills on time
  • Coordinating insurance payments
  • Coordinating HOA payments
  • Resolving disputes with tenants
  • Handling eviction
  • Complete repair work

Comprehensive Bookkeeping/Reporting

Best Property Details In Orange County Haus Property Management

We have a full-time residential property management team to handle all bookkeeping tasks for our clients.

And we continue to hire the best individuals to help grow our team that values professionalism, integrity, and accountability. We strive for excellence with every task handed to us, and we do it with pride. We measure our success in terms of how satisfied our customers are. Our services are based and governed by the extensive knowledge of our staff members in the field of real estate. We are up-to-date on market trends, regulations, and dynamics and capitalize on opportunities to maximize your investment value.

Let’s turn your Haus into a home!

Haus Property Management For Owners

Our team will provide a comprehensive service, so you don’t have to worry about the minor aspects of rental management. After a thorough analysis of current rental rates, we place your property on multiple listing websites. Adding your property to relevant sites further increases the likelihood that prospective tenants will find it when they need it. We write a compelling profile and keep the prospects updated with information. We then invite potential tenants to your property, screen them through a strict evaluation process to ensure that they are a good fit, and rent the place out when they sign the contract. Whether your portfolio is a single real estate or multiple listings, no job is big or small because our property management company in Anaheim treats them equally.

Our rental management company uses the best available version in the market to maximize exposure to your property and reach a broad audience when it comes to technology. Whether it is generating leads, scheduling open houses, or handling tenant calls, we do it all. You don’t have to query “property management near me” on search engines; we help you find the right tenant for your real estate in Anaheim.

Haus Property Management For Prospective And Current Tenants


Our Anaheim property management company provides the best service to find your dream home in Anaheim and surrounding areas. We use several applications that allow you to browse, select, and contact our office for further inquiries regarding rentals. Our official website is also a great way to get suggestions and find answers to your pressing queries. Calling us is a handy way to reach us, considering how competitive the rental market in Anaheim and Southern California is at any given time.

We utilize various tools and apps to make the stay as rewarding and comfortable as possible for current residents. You can easily submit maintenance requests, pay rent and raise concerns through our interactive portfolio application. Not sure what rental home will suit you the best? Just ask. Need to test out a temporary rental for a few days?

Ask for advice. We make it easy.

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