Commercial Property Management Differs From Residential Property Management Services

There are numerous differences between commercial property management and residential property management. Here are several of those different things to be aware of with commercial property management.

  • Commercial buildings have a lot more rules and regulations to contend with.
  • Commercial property managers have more responsibility.
  • Commercial properties require the filing and storage of many legal records.
  • Commercial property facilities require a greater amount of maintenance than residential properties. Commercial property management is responsible for some of the following:

Below are several of the maintenance issues that Commercial Property management can be responsible for:

  1. Landscaping.
  2. Internal facility maintenance.
  3. Managing contract work with the variety of general contractors responsible for maintaining the external and internal commercial property.
  4. Implementing and reviewing all contract work bids.
  5. Managing work budgets.
  6. Managing repair and preventative repair maintenance.
  7. Administering and managing the bidding process for contractual repair work and maintenance.
  8. Managing the contract work schedules and applicable paperwork submissions.
  9. Managing the commercial building and grounds security systems and hires that may include: Electronic security systems, camera security, gate security, guard security, grounds security, internal facility security and much more when applicable and necessary depending on the type, size and functions of the commercial property and grounds.

As seen by the above, the responsibilities of a commercial property manager must be acknowledged, understood and fulfilled.  In sum, top notch commercial properties require adept and skilled commercial property managers that appreciate and assure that all the commercial property legalities, rules, regulations and processes are followed.  For more information or questions about Commercial Property Management, contact Haus Property today at

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