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When it comes to managing commercial property today, it is fundamentally important that the property management team provides real expertise to the process. Commercial property management is complex and mandates a management team with experience and knowledge.   Below are a few of the key factors that must be successfully controlled by a great commercial property management and leasing services company.

  1. Make sure to control the tenants within the tenancy mix so that you can optimize their occupancy in the property. A successful tenant or group of tenants will make it easier to improve the rental within the property and keep the vacancy factors lower. 
  2. The management of leases within the property is closely aligned to the tenancy mix and the plans of the landlord. Leases present certain challenges that need to be managed such as rent reviews, options, refurbishments, relocations, and property maintenance. Every tenant to be placed in the property should be matched to a lease that is prepared and aligned to the landlord’s property investment plans. Every lease that is negotiated should be approached on the basis of its integration into the surrounding tenancy mix. Look at the bigger picture and not just at the single lease negotiation.
  3. As a property gets larger and more complex, the maintenance management procedures become more sophisticated and critical. A well-maintained commercial property allows the tenants to successfully operate their businesses and hence pay the rental. Regrettably, a number of landlords will take shortcuts or overlook certain maintenance matters to save on property cash flow. Whilst this may be satisfactory to a point, a poorly maintained property can be easily seen by tenants, customers, and future potential purchasers. Adopt a prudent but wise maintenance management process to support the future of the property for the landlord.
  4. The financial performance of a commercial property is a fine balance between optimizing the income and controlling the expenditure. Realistically, the income to be generated from rentals should be appropriate to the local property market but not too high where it can be aggressively destroying the tenancy mix. High levels of available rental properties have a direct impact on the tenant’s ability to trade. High levels of rental may also move tenants to other commercial properties nearby at the first opportunity. 

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