Full-Service Orange Property Management Company

At Haus Property Management is focused on helping renters, and homeowners manage their rental properties in Orange, CA.

Orange is home to more than 150,000 people and is best known for its historic buildings, monuments, and parks. Our company delivers maximum revenue for property owners, provides top-notch customer support, and ensures reliable housing solutions for tenants. We seek to help people make a hassle-free transition to Orange. We believe that our customer-centric way of doing business can help our clients to live free from worry when it comes to their rentals, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of life.

Let’s turn your Haus into a home!

Your Trusted Orange
Rental Property Management Company

The wide array of services that we offer, coupled with excellent customer support, are the result of many decades of being in the real estate rental management field – first as investors ourselves, then at various levels of residential and commercial professional property management, and subsequently as providers of comprehensive support for owners and tenants alike. As a property management company, we work with all types of rental properties – condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes, shared units, temporary housing, commercial properties and much more. As one of the best property management companies in Southern California, we seek out well-qualified people for our sales team and continually provide training to grow their customer service skills. Our management team knows how to create a balance. We assess the performance of our staff, help develop their talent, manage the rental process efficiently and build the best quality pipeline. In doing so, we ensure that at Haus, you feel at home, whether you are an owner or tenant.

Let’s turn your Haus into a home!

Why Choose Haus Property Management
In Orange

Haus residential and commercial rental management company provides a broad range of services, all at one location. Why? Because our property management team in Orange, CA, believes that this approach allows you to consolidate everything related to your rental assets. It will enable you to make the task of renting properties hassle-free.
Marketing your property when it is up for lease is made easy with our marketing team. Whether you own a single rental unit or multiple asset portfolio, we have you covered.

We at Haus real estate management firm will ensure that your rental units are occupied with tenants who value and take good care of them. We utilize strict screening tools and applications to evaluate your tenants, from the very beginning.

Our property management marketing tools are designed to reach a broad audience in Orange, CA, and beyond. Our strategies include generating tenant leads, scheduling showings, meeting their requirements and budget, and more.

Our Orange property management company has a pricing policy that is transparent in every way. Our website offers a wide range of service packages with prices listed for various services, such as management fees, on-boarding, tenant placement, commission, lease renewal fees, and annual inspection. We take care of all the repairs and maintenance of your unit without hassles.

Let’s turn your Let’s Haus into a home!

Transparency And Performance Guarantees

We provide straightforward pricing information, with management fees, terms, and conditions clearly and adequately written in the contract. Cash flow, comparables, future rental possibilities, and other helpful information are included in our complete rental study. We provide services for various properties, such as condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes, multi-family homes, retail centers, and industrial warehouses.
Our Orange rental services include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing your property
  • Screening tenants
  • Move-in and move-out cleanup and repair
  • Property maintenance
  • Collecting rents
  • Coordinating with utility companies and paying bills on time
  • Coordinating insurance payments
  • Coordinating HOA payments
  • Resolving disputes with tenants
  • Overseeing the eviction process
  • Perform or contract repair work

Full-Service Bookkeeping

Our full-time residential property management team handles all bookkeeping responsibilities for our clients’ rental properties. We’ll keep hiring the best people to help us build a team that values professionalism, ethics, and accountability. Every assignment we are given requires us to strive for perfection, and we do so with pride. Our success is determined by how happy our customers are. Our services are based on and controlled by the considerable real estate knowledge of our team members. We keep up with market trends, rules, and dynamics, and we take advantage of possibilities to increase the value of your investment.
Provide Rental Address For Property Management Services In Orange County Haus Property Management

Haus Property Management For Owners

For owners, we have created an owner portal on our website where they can access monthly statements online, contact our property management staff, and many other tasks. The monthly ledgers provide itemized descriptions covering rent, performance, bills, and so on. Owners can also access information about their property around the clock or discuss the bills with our property management staff.

Haus Property Management For Potential And Current Tenants In Orange

We focus heavily on quality rather than quantity in meeting the needs of our prospective tenants. Potential renters don’t have to query search engines with “property management near me” phrases or settle for subpar property management companies anymore. We have invested in advanced technology for this purpose and made it easier for our potential clients to find the home of their dreams in Orange, CA. Our current tenants, through the Resident Portal located on our website, can pay their rent, schedule maintenance and repair service, or seek support from property managers for any concerns or issues.

Ask for advice. We make it easy.

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