Every Haus deserves to be a Home.

Find Out What Your Haus should Rent for in just a few clicks.

Here is what you can expect from Haus Property Management

Rental Estimation In Orange California Haus Property Management 24 7 Support

Maximize Cash Flow

We use our expertise as a full-service real estate company to obtain the highest rent the market will bear and marketing channels to reach the highest number of prospective renters.

Free Rental Analysis For Property Owners In Orange California Haus Property Management 24 7 Support

Minimize Expenses

We have a network of vendors and contractors that charge us less because of the volume of business we do with them and we pass those savings on to you.

Best Property Details In Orange County Haus Property Management

Obtain and Retain Good Tenants

Satisfied owners have tenants that pay on time. We have a system to secure better tenants and have your property on the market for the shortest period of time.

Get Your Orange California Property Value From Haus Property Management Free Rental Analysis

Protect Your Investment

We abide by the letter of the law and understand complex rental laws. In the case a tenant does not pay, we can help with eviction if need be and re-renting the property.

Best Property For Rental In Orange County Haus Property Management

Be the Point People

Perhaps one of the most valuable services we offer is to be your representative for all matters relating to your property. We interact with the tenants for all matters allowing you time to enjoy yourself

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How to Start Enjoying Life

(And Stop Self-Managing Your Rental)

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Provide the Rental Address

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Pick a Pricing Plan

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# 3

Get Ready to Be Happy

What is the cost of not doing business with us? How much time do you spend managing your own property? How much money have you wasted on vendors? How compliant are you with all the tenant laws? How good are you at selecting tenants? Do you let the tenants make demands of you?

 For only a few dollars a day, you can start enjoying your investment property and stop wasting time, money, and most importantly, stop worrying about your rental.

Get a Free Rental Price Report

What is It?

A report with a rent estimate, rental comps, & local metrics.

How do I get it?

The Rental Price Report is free, just fill out the form to the right.

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! We’ll call you to discuss your property, answer any questions you have, then email you the report.

Can we meet at the property in person?

Yes! We’ll do a walk-through, tell you what to expect, provide rent-ready maintenance suggestions, and discuss how to get you a great renter.

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