Our Philosophy

The HAUS difference

The HAUS difference:

Haus Property Management is built around faith in Christ and high standards of customer service. As a property management company, the HAUS family continues to see growth and loyalty among their customers and employees because of our commitment to create an unparalleled business culture and consumer experience. We are convinced that we set ourselves apart by giving every Owner the treatment they deserve. When you do business with us, we hope you experience the HAUS Difference because we believe that whether you rent or own, your HAUS should feel like home.

The HAUS team are not only investors and home owners, but we have been tenants with many rental experiences, We understand your concerns about residents, property damage and legal compliance. We know what impacts your bottom line — vacancies. When you work with HAUS, we will treat your HAUS like our home and will manage every aspect of the rental experience, from obtaining a tenant to move out and even eviction, if necessary. We’ll manage your investment the same way we manage our own investments. Our personal and professional approach to property management protects and promotes the value of your rental asset. It does not matter if you are a seasoned professional or a first-time investor, we want you to earn more and worry less. Contact HAUS today. The HAUS team comes from a broad range of backgrounds, all related to the real estate industry. Before founding our company, we were architects, developers, asset managers, contractors and real estate investors. This broad experience has armed us with the well-rounded skills and knowledge required to deliver exceptional value to our clients.
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